Marenzio Online Digital Edition

The Marenzio Online Digital Edition is part of the Marenzio Project. MODE aims at making available for the first time, and online, a complete critical edition of the secular music of Luca Marenzio (ca. 1553-1599), one of the most important composers of the European Renaissance. Since 2005, MODE’s international research group has been working not only at providing a reliable edition of Marenzio’s music but also at changing the landscape of music editions. By innovatively integrating music philology and digital technology, MODE introduces a new model for both generating and disseminating modern editions of musical repertories of the Western tradition

MODE makes Marenzio’s music easily available on the world wide web to musicians and scholars. By dramatically changing the editing process, it pioneers the future in music editions.


Launch of our new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! The website includes information pages about our project and a front-end to our edition. Both the information pages and the edition front-end are fully optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

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